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阅读理解:General TOEFL Test Tips(托福考试技巧)

阅读理解:General TOEFL Test Tips(托福考试技巧) Here are some general tips to keep in mind for the day you take the TOEFL iBT test. keep in mind 紧记 1.The TOEFL assesses the actual skills required of you to stud

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解析:托福中国考生成绩缘何逐年下降? 新商报 秦苏珊笑称:中国学生的考试能力真的很厉害。 托福改革后,前托福考试命题总监秦苏珊来连谈英语(论坛)学习,考托福不能只靠死记硬背 “如何提高英语阅读能力?”“怎么才能说一口流利的英语?”昨天,美国教育考试服务中心前托福考试命题总监秦苏珊来到东北财经大学与学生进行互动交流,她流利的汉语和在英语教学及测评方面的经验,赢得阵阵掌声。这位英语教学与测评方面的

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【托福阅读】抑郁症:当今社会的隐痛 Before she tried to kill herself by jumping from her dormitory building a year ago, no one knew Xing Hua (name changed for privacy), a 22-year-old economics postgraduate from Wuhan,

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托福听力健康场景常用词汇——医院及医生 clinic诊所,physician 内科医生 clinic[5klinik]n.门诊部, 临床adj.诊所的,临床的(clin+ic) 源自 klinē[长沙发椅,床] -ic多数是形容词后缀 physician[fi5ziFEn]n.医师, 内科医师(physic+ian) physic[5fizik]n.医学, 医术, 泻药vt.给...服药, 治

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中学生备战托福:Strategies for TOEFL iBT Reading Section

中学生备战托福:Strategies for TOEFL iBT Reading Section The first component you will have to do when you sit for the TOEFL iBT exam is the Reading. component[kEm5pEunEnt]n.部分; 成分, 组分[元]; 分力, 分向量; 支量, 支命题;

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如何搞定新托福阅读理解题 阅读理解部分是新托福(TOEFL)考试重要部分,有3篇学术文章,每篇700字左右,每篇有12-14个问题,做题时间在60分钟左右,分数为30分。从题型来看,TOEFL阅读的特点是题量大,涉及的词汇面广。要想考好阅读,不光凭扎实的英语基础,而且还讲求做题策略。 一、做题的误区 考生做旧托福考试(TOEFL)阅读或者平时的阅读练习时,时常表现出一些不良的做题

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中学生备战托福:DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)(6)

The point about this argument is not that one side or the other is in possession of a more powerful array of convincing facts; quite the opposite. 争论中,哪一方的事实比另一方的更强有力,更有说服力,这不是争论的意义所在,而是刚好相反。 There

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中学生备战托福:DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)(5)

There is, for one, the problem of animal awareness. 这儿有个例子是有关动物意识问题的。 for one 作为其中一个, 举例来说 awareness[E5wZEnis]n.意识, 注意(aware+ness) aware[E5wZE]adj.知道的, 明白的, 意识到的 One school of ethologists devoted to

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Big arguments stimulate their interest(重大争论可以激起学生们的兴趣)

中学生备战托福:DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)(4) College students, and for that matter high school students, should be exposed very early, perhaps at the outset, to the big arguments currently going on a

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中学生备战托福:DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)(3)

Very little is understood about this kind of collective behavior. 对于这种集体行为,我们还了解得很少。 It is out of fashion these days to talk of &quot;superorganisms&quot;, 谈论起“超有机个体”,现在已不时髦了。 superorganism[7sju:pE5

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Stigmergy——一个多数辞典没有收入的单词 《大学英语》第六册(精读)中《DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)》一课中有这样一句话: There is a similar phenomenon in entomology known as stigmergy, a term invented by Grasse, which means &quot;to inci

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It is the admission of ignorance that leads to progress(承认自己是无知的,这会导致进步)

DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)(2) It is the admission of ignorance that leads to progress, 承认自己是无知的,这会导致进步。 It is the admission of ignorance that leads to progress, not so much because the solving

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DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域)发现了人类自身的无知,这是二十世纪取得的最伟大的成就

DEBATING THE UNKNOWABLE(探究未知领域) The greatest of all the accomplishment of twentieth-century science has been the discovery of human ignorance. 发现了人类自身的无知,这是二十世纪取得的最伟大的成就。 accomplishment[E5kCmpliFm

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之十四

Steeped in new moods and ideas, I bought a ream of paper and tried to write; but nothing would come, or what did come was flat beyond telling. 我沉浸在新的思想和情绪之中。买了一令纸,我试着写作。可有时我什么也写不出来,有时写出的东西又极为乏味。 分解一

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之十三

I read Dreiser's Jennie Gerhardt and Sister Carrie and they revived in me a vivid sense of my mother's suffering; I was overwhelmed. 我读了德莱塞的《珍尼&middot;格哈特》和《嘉莉妹妹》。它们使我又一次真切地感受到了母亲所遭受的苦难。我完全沉浸在书中了。 o

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之十二

I forged more notes and my trips to the library became frequent. 我又造了一些假便条,到图书馆去的次数也更多了。 frequent[5fri:kwEnt]adj.时常发生的, 频繁的 Reading grew into a passion. 读书成了我的一种爱好。 My first serious novel was Sincl

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之十一

I ran across many words whose meanings I did not know, and either looked them up in a dictionary or, before I had a chance to do that, encountered the word in a context that made its meaning clear. 我

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之十

When I showed the books to Mr. Falk, he looked at me and frowned. 当我把书扔给福尔克先生看时,他望了望我皱起了眉头。 frown[fraun]vi.皱眉, brown[braun]n.褐色 &quot;That librarian might telephone you,&quot; I warned him. “图书管理员可能会

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之九

I said nothing. She stamped the card and handed me the books. 我什么也没有说。她在借书证上盖了章,然后把书交给了我。 Not daring to glance at them. I went out of the library, fearing that the woman would call me back for furth

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中学生挑战托福(阅读篇):THE LIBRARY CARD(借书证)之八

I entered the library as I had always done when on errands for whites, but I felt that I would somehow slip up and betray myself. 我象以往为白人跑腿借书时一样走进了图书馆,但不知怎么搞的,我总觉得自己不知会在什么地方出点岔子,最终暴露自己。 分解一下: I ente

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