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视频: Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare (Alan Rickman) and Shakespeare 'Sonnet 29' (Matthew Macfadyen)

视频: Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare (Alan Rickman) 视频: Shakespeare 'Sonnet 29' (Matthew Macfadyen) SONNET 29 PARAPHRASE When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, When I抳e fallen out

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《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(3):Why did you choose Yale?(你为什么选择耶鲁?)

《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(3):Why did you choose Yale?(你为什么选择耶鲁?) Any more question? 还有问题吗? Why did you choose Yale? 你为什么选择耶鲁? choose[tFu:z]v.选择, 选定 联想记忆: goose[^u:s]n.鹅 loose[lu:s]n.解放, 放任, 放纵adj.宽松的, 不精确

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《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(2):Is it true that all Yale professors teach? (耶鲁教授真的都会亲自授课吗?)

《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(2):Is it true that all Yale professors teach? (耶鲁教授真的都会亲自授课吗?) Is it true that all Yale professors teach? 耶鲁教授真的都会亲自授课吗? Yale[jeil]n.耶鲁 联想记忆: male[meil]adj.男的, 雄的 tale[teil]n.故事, 坏

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《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(1):When was Yale founded?(耶鲁大学什么时候成立的)

《我为什么选择耶鲁》中几个简单问题(1):When was Yale founded?(耶鲁大学什么时候成立的) When was Yale founded? 耶鲁大学什么时候成立的? 实际上有两个found: found[1]是find的过去式和过去分词(Past tense and past participle of find )。 found[2]是现在式: found[faund]v

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视频: 耶鲁大学宣传片《我为什么选择耶鲁》 (中英字幕,练习听力的好资料)

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视频: How Does the Brain Work (大脑如何运作)

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视频: 欧洲冠军联赛主题曲《Champions League》(完整版)

Champions League UEFA冠军联赛主题曲 帕维尔,我们欠你一座冠军杯 (法)Ce sont les meilleures equipes (德)Sie sind die allerbesten Mannschaften (英)The main event (德)Die Meister (德)Die Besten (法)Les grandes equipes (英)The champ

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BBC视频:The Victorian age(It was the best of times and it was the worst of times)

BBC视频:The Victorian age(It was the best of times and it was the worst of times) It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The Victorian age was one of soaring ambition... technological w

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RP发音:Interactive Phonemic Chart(Listen to the sounds of English)

Interactive Phonemic Chart Listen to the sounds of English Please wait a few seconds while the chart loads... The symbols on this clickable chart represent the 44 sounds used in British English speech

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轻松阅读、玩单词:Pronunciation tips(发音技巧)

轻松阅读、玩单词:Pronunciation tips(发音技巧) The most important thing to remember is practice. Learning English takes time but if you practice often you will soon improve and be able to pronounce words like a

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美式英语发音练习: A Visit to the Doctor

美式英语发音练习: A Visit to the Doctor April 29th, 2009 by Manny, Director of Web Content It is important for English learners to master proper intonation and pronunciation when speaking with a doctor, a

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VENI VIDI VICI(王者归来)——认识元音字母i(草稿)

VENI VIDI VICI(王者归来)——认识元音字母i(草稿) 英语字母(实际上是拉丁字母)在英语单词中的地位并不是完全一样的。 元音字母(a,e,i,o,u)在发音上占有举足轻重的地位,特别是元音字母i,真的可以算得上是一位王者。 I是英语中唯一一个由一个字母组成的单词: I[ai]pron.我 不知道这个I是否和拉丁语中那个著名的口号“VENI VIDI VICI”有关。但这里想请大家顺带读一段相关的资料。 下面是一段源自维基百科的资料: =========================================== 拉丁语:VENI VIDI VICI[1](国际音标:/weːniː wiːdiː wiːkiː/,一般翻译为“我来,我见,我征服”;而在文法上,是三个动词:来、见、胜利的第一人称完成式)尤利乌斯&middot;恺撒在...

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(转)American English Pronunciation Lesson: U.S. States and Cities

American English Pronunciation Lesson: U.S. States and Cities March 30th, 2011 by Daniel, Web Content and Digital Media Assistant The following recordings will guide you through American English pronunciations of U.S. states and cities. You can listen to the phrases directly on our website or download them for later playback on any standard MP3 compatible device. Listen, repeat, and practice! ...

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(转)How The K Method achieves quick and effective results

&nbsp; In FIVE EASY STEPS you will be on your way to achieving your goal. You will have IMMEDIATE SUCCESS Andy Krieger developed his method while teaching actors in Vancouver Canada how to speak “American” in order to gain work in American films shooting in the local area. He noticed that one of his foreign-speaking actors began to LOSE his ACCENT while learning to ‘speak American.’ As time passed...

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(视频)Accent Reduction The K Method -Andy Krieger(英语口音纠正教程)

(视频)Accent Reduction The K Method -Andy Krieger(英语口音纠正教程) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Accent Reduction The K Method -Andy Krieger &nbsp; &nbsp; Introduction(cited from his officail website) Andy Krieger was born in and raised in San Francisco but has spent most of his life in Vancouver, BC. That's why he speaks with an ‘American accent,’ the basis of his K- Method accent reduction process. After graduat...

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TED视频:Jay Walker on the world's English mania

&nbsp; Let's talk about manias. Let's start with Beatle mania. Hysterical teenagers, crying, screaming, pandemonium. Sports mania. Deafening crowds. All for one idea. Get the ball in the net. Okay, religious mania. There's rapture. There's weeping. There's visions. Manias can be good. Manias can be alarming. Or manias can be deadly. &nbsp; The world has a new mania. A mania for learning English. ...

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听懂(美式或英式)英语再练发音 &nbsp; 个人以为:听是说的基础。听不懂,也就不可能说出。而对于一个初学者来说,听懂要比说出容易得多。关键的问题可能是要尽量避免在听不懂的情况盲目地练习所谓的“标准英语发音”。 &nbsp; 我始终相信:不同语言在发音上的区别最主要的体现在元音上。建议大家认真地读一读下面的表格: &nbsp; American (Western) and British (RP) vowel systems US UK US UK US UK [i] [i:] &nbsp; &nbsp; [u] [u:] bee bee &nbsp; &nbsp; boot boot heed heed &nbsp; &nbsp; shoe ...

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BBC音频:Voiceless Consonants(清辅音)

&nbsp; BBC音频:Voiceless Consonants(清辅音) &nbsp; I've heard from some classmates that some voiceless consonants will be pronounced as voiced ones. I'd like to ask you in which situation will such things occur. Could you please tell me? Thank you. Wang Yunxiu, China &nbsp; &nbsp; This week we answer a question about an important but sometimes confusing subject; this is using voiced and voiceless...

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