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三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课 (26篇) 展开   列表

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 28 No parking 禁止停车(学了大量的英语语法概念却读不懂英语文章难道不是本末倒置吗?)

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 28  No parking 禁止停车   友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: Jasper White is one of those rare people who believes in ancient myths.  He has just bought a new house in the city, but ever since he moved in, he has had trouble with cars and their owners. When he returns home at

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零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 27 A wet night 雨夜(时态和语态都是比较简单的问题,可能是由于错误的解释才变成了难题)

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 27  A wet night 雨夜   友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: Late in the afternoon, the boys put up their tent in the middle of a field. As soon as this was done, they cooked a meal over an open fire. They were all hungry and the food smelled good. After a wonderful meal, they t

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零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 26 The best art critics 最佳艺术评论家

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 26  The best art critics 最佳艺术评论家   友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: I am an art student and I paint a lot of pictures. Many people pretend that they understand modern art. They always tell you what a picture is 'about'.  Of course, many pictures are not 'about' anything.

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零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 22 A glass envelope 玻璃信封

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 22  A glass envelope 玻璃信封     友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: My daughter, Jane, never dreamed of receiving a letter from a girl of her own age in Holland. Last year, we were travelling across the Channel and Jane put a piece of paper with her name and address on it int

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零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 21 Mad or not? 是不是疯了?

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课: Lesson 21  Mad or not? 是不是疯了?   友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad. I live near an airport and passing planes can be heard night and day. The airport was built years ago, but for some reason it could not be used then. Last year, however, it cam

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零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课:Lesson 20 One man in a boat 独坐孤舟

零点起步,三个月学习《新概念英语》第二册的30课:Lesson 20  One man in a boat 独坐孤舟   友情提示:我们说的零点起步并不是指完全的零点,真的希望大家至少能够唱熟五首以上的英语歌曲以后再开始这里的学习。建议大家先读一读《唱熟二千单词,告别“哑巴英语”(建议从这里开始你的英语学习)》栏目里的文章。   下面是课文的内容,请大家先读一读: Fishing is my favourite sport. I often fish for hours without catching anything. But this does not worry me. Some fishermen are unlucky.  Instead of catching fish, they catch old boots and rubbish. I am even les

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